Don’t Normally Watch that Show…

Over the past few years, I’ve chosen to watch a number of television shows that would normally be “out of my element.” I won’t divulge the list here, but I assure that they range from teen soaps to crime procedurals to sitcoms (only one or two reality TV shows and none of the ones from Bravo or E).

Many I have hated, yet there have been more than a few that I have quite liked – even a couple I started to follow closely.

It’s been a useful exercise in expanding my tastes. I’ve been able to understand the tastes of others a little better.

This may be a strange thing to do, but the next time you say “I hate that show” without really knowing it, try actually watching. Try investing in the characters’ story arcs. Pay attention to what could make it interesting. You may find a new favorite, or you may just be able to better argue your point about the show’s low quality. Either way, you will have learned.