Eventually We Want People to Make Sense

The rhetoric of a nonsense spewing wannabe political figure such as Donald Trump will always fall short of statements of substance.

Eventually, his fans will flock elsewhere as they tire of hearing him answer every questions with, “We will make America great again!” It’s fine for a slogan, even a campaign promise, but it’s not policy.

We do¬†want to be led by people of substance, who actually understand what they are doing. There was an early belief by some that Trump’s business experience would provide that substance – an entirely warranted belief, by the way, considering his success (ignoring whatever you may think of it). However, it is turning out that you need to eventually provide a useful world outlook and be capable of understanding more than the insular world you have built for yourself. Just ask Sarah Palin (although she’s too far gone into her own head that she’d never understand the problem).

Some people will continue to support such buffoons; however, the masses will move toward leaders with actual knowledge and decision-making ability.

Trump’s numbers took a slide recently. Now, that doesn’t mean he’s going to start tanking tomorrow, but it is a chink in the armor. It’s just representative of people who have come down from the emotional high he provided and now want to vote for someone useful.