When Coaches Fail Their Personnel

Week 2 of the NFL started with the Thursday showdown between the Denver Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Prior to the game, there was a lot of nonsense being spewed about how future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning just didn’t look like he had any magic left in him.

During much of the first half of the game, those commentators were proven right.

However, let us be ABUNDANTLY clear about the problem. It had very little to do with Manning and a great deal to do with head coach Gary Kubiak’s offensive scheme.

Apparently Kubiak’s “great idea” has been to force one of the best quarterbacks of all time to play in a brand new system that takes him out of his comfort zone. Manning is not a “throw on the run” guy. He’s a “plant my foot and shoot it into a tight window” guy. One of the best at it.

Once Kubiak relented and allowed Manning to be Manning, the Broncos started coming back, ultimately winning the game 31-24 (in no small part thanks to an excellent defense that kept them in the game and scored the winning touchdown).

Forcing players, team members, employees, et cetera to play directly against their strengths because of over-belief in a system can be quite detrimental. Disastrous, catastrophic. You can bring in new people over time to work within the new system, sure. But having a coach just throw out the playbook on something that is already working extremely well is just plain stupid.