Enthusiasm Counts

Enthusiasm rarely hurts.

Showing enthusiasm for a product you’re selling is a necessity.

Being enthusiastic in a job interview should be the standard.

Practicing enthusiasm will do wonders.

This doesn’t mean that you need to walk into every room radiating excitement and bouncing off the walls with energy. Enthusiasm runs closer to interest, passion, and even obsession.

You can be enthusiastic about a subject and still be relatively restrained in your emotions (though enthusiasm often bleeds out of people in the form of “Yay!”).

By the way, enthusiasm can be gained over time. You must be open to it, and you must invite it in. You may not know what will make you enthusiastic until you try it. An activity you think you hate right now could be your obsession if you gave it a fair shot and were open to it being interesting to you.

Will you give enthusiasm a chance?

Continuing My Rant About Selfies

How many times do you need to take a picture of yourself behind the wheel of your car?

For that matter, why are you taking pictures in your car?

I’m at a loss with this phenomenon.

Are you so bored with your own thoughts that the only thing you can think to do is take a picture of yourself? And shouldn’t that depress you?

There is no getting around the fact that the abuse of “selfies” by an individual is a BAD THING. To pretend otherwise, to say that it is a building of self-worth, is to deny the fact that this self-worth is no tied to yourself. You are tying your self-worth to what others think of your images.

If you’re cataloging your weight loss process privately on your phone via images you take of yourself, that may be useful and encouraging.

If you are, however, taking daily pictures of your downturned face to share on social media every day hoping to get a bunch of likes, you are in trouble.

You are tying your self-esteem, your personal worth, to whether or not people who may or not really matter to you approve of your image. This is the antithesis of self-worth, is it not?

It represents destructive behavior and seeking outside validation. Your mental status is at the whims of the Internet, a notoriously ruthless place.

There are people who experience anxiety and depression-like symptoms when their pictures are not given enough positive recognition by random people online. Shouldn’t that concern us?

By the way, this all goes for both men and women.

Why Are Selfie Sticks “a Thing” Now?

If you are vain enough to own a selfie stick, you need to re-examine your priorities.

Why do you need to be in so many of your own pictures?

Are all these moments really worth memorializing with you in them (rather than just a picture of the object, place, or person itself)?

And do you really need to pretend that you aren’t actually taking a selfie in the photo itself by using the stick at an awkward angle? After all, the only thing you care about capturing is yourself in the picture, so why bother with an extra images around you, right?

The fact that selfies – especially of the solo variety – are so prominent is bad enough. It gets worse when you add on the fact that people are putting so much effort into these indulgent photos.

While I can understand the interest in taking a picture of yourself with a loved one while out hiking for yourself, don’t forget about the beautiful surroundings as well. Those are much more worthy of a picture.

What I can’t abide is undue time and effort being put into making sure that you capture your face looking up into a camera at a well-practiced angle because all you want is more images of yourself.

Do something worthwhile to make yourself feel better that doesn’t require a public blasting of your picture. Stop tying your self-worth to these images. More on it tomorrow.

As Stupid as You Want

You should be allowed to make stupid choices.

Mistakes are meant to be made. Some of them will hurt more than others.

There are plenty of examples out there you can follow to avoid the worst of mistakes.

Your judgement should be restricted to your judgement. To better your judgement, seek out mentors. Read more books. Study successful people.

It should not be the role of politicians to try and craft a mistake free world. They should instead help create a world in which we can make mistakes and create success equally.

When you squeeze out the opportunity to make mistakes, you inevitably squeeze out chances for success as well.

The Cult of Trump (Not the One You’re Thinking of)

Online gaming is building its stable of celebrities thanks to streaming services like Twitch.tv.

On sites like Twitch, individual streamers with names such as “Kolento,” “PewDiePie,” and “Amaz” entertain viewers for hours on end just by playing video games. Viewers can subscribe to the streamer’s channel via a monthly payment (the streamer gets half of the money – usually $2.50 per subscriber per month).

Trump is one of the most popular Hearthstone streamers. Though the exact number of subscribers of his is unknown, some estimates put him at earning $2,000-$5,000 per month through his activity on Twitch alone. That doesn’t include revenue from his YouTube channel.

The question is, why are people forking over their money in exchange for watching a video game?

They do because Trump, like many other streamers, provides a certain connection to his audience. They consider themselves part of the cult known as “Value Town” (Trump believes in getting maximum value out of every play he makes in the online card game and continually references the word “value”).

Viewers attach themselves to his point of view.

Some people despise Trump, but his fans are more than happy to sing his praises in return.

How are you getting people to attach themselves to you?

What point of view do you offer to your audience?

Why you over anyone else like you?

To Win, You Must Work

There is no beating around the bush on this subject. Effort is required.

You can’t expect to get everything you want from life unless you put in the work.

And that’s okay.

There are near endless quotes about working hard to achieve success. It’s a trope because it’s true.

No one is going to go out of their way to lift you up. And they shouldn’t have to.

You should be working tirelessly to move up or move on. What’s the next step for you?